New Care Compare Tool from Medicare

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As a Medicare beneficiary, you might be familiar with the compare sites from CMS. Previously, there were different sites to help people find each type of provider. Well, now these tools are merged into one convenient destination called Care Compare. Not familiar with this new tool yet? We’ll walk you through the improvements and features, as well as what Care Compare can do for you.

What is the Medicare Care Compare Tool?

Before introducing Care Compare, CMS offered eight tools to compare health care providers to help recipients make informed choices. Now, these tools are obsolete, and all of their features are available on the new tool. Thus, users can compare eight different categories of providers in one place.

The Care Compare tool can help you and your family:

Using the tool, you can find information about each provider’s quality, location, and price. These factors will help you make the best choice for your needs, which is crucial for the future of your health. Instead of needing to visit separate sites individually, someone searching for multiple practitioners can access a more streamlined process.

Medicare Care Compare Tool Improvements

Also, the Care Compare tool is more user-friendly than its predecessors. Its design is more refined than the previous tools, allowing for easier comparison of options. The site lists providers in a way that is simple for the user to compare them to one another. The tool is optimized for mobile and tablet use, so people can find practitioners on-the-go and call them by clicking on their phone numbers.

The interface is simple-to-use, allowing the user to start by selecting from the eight provider types. You can also use keywords to search for providers accepting Medicare near you. Users can filter results based on what they consider most important for their needs, such as distance or overall rating. The site also provides additional resources and information for users, such as what to look for when selecting a provider. Yet, CMS still rates quality the same way as they have previously.

How to Find Medicare Health Care Providers Near You

The new Care Compare tool from CMS makes it easy to compare several categories of health care providers so you can make the best choices for your health in one place. Now that this tool is available, you only need to access one site to help you choose every provider you’ll need.

These improvements are part of CMS’s ongoing eMedicare initiative, which seeks to improve the customer experience for those on Medicare. As people of all ages turn to the Internet for convenience, online resources must be as user-friendly as possible. Accordingly, CMS is optimizing their online landscape to empower recipients now and in the future. The Care Compare tool is the newest addition to a list of resources, including the Procedure Price Lookup page and the What’s Covered app.

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