For Biotech Profits, Look Beyond COVID-19

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State of the Market

The COVID-19 pandemic brought biotech to the forefront of the world’s imagination like never before.

And I don’t just mean that everyone – from your nephew to your co-worker to your golfing buddy – now claims to be an expert on infectious diseases…

Once-niche concepts, like herd immunity, have become topics of casual conversation. And once-tiny biotechs, like Moderna (Nasdaq: MRNA), are now household names.

The following chart shows the frequency with which Americans have Googled the company.

Interest in Moderna Over Time

As Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld reveals in this week’s episode of his YouTube series State of the Market, that surge in interest and demand has translated into a 1,300% gain in Moderna shares since COVID-19 first struck.

But the fact is, the biotech industry was a remarkable and highly profitable sector long before the pandemic began. And even when we finally have COVID-19 in the rearview, the world’s scientists’ and bioengineers’ work won’t be done.

They’ll return to the battles they’re waging against other monsters.

In this week’s episode, Marc reveals the ticker symbols of four companies that are working hard to treat rare diseases, improve mental health and fight various forms of cancer.

It’s hard to hear about the strides these companies make – some of them to help infants – and not want to invest…

But don’t forget your other reason for investing in biotech: The sector is as lucrative (and recession-proof) as it is inspiring.

As Marc puts it in this week’s video

The future belongs to the cancer fighters, the companies with drugs for rare diseases, mental health, cardiac therapies and a wide range of other conditions that are in need of new medicines.

Tomorrow’s most successful biotech investors will be those who looked beyond COVID-19 and to the future of this life-changing and profitable sector.

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