Look to This Sector for Out-of-This-World Gains

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State of the Market

In this week’s episode of his YouTube series State of the Market, Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld reveals the reason he’s spent more than a decade tracking the biotech sector…

Simply put, no other corner of the market offers investors the same opportunity to watch their money grow in response to powerful catalysts.

Sure, other stocks may move in response to earnings reports – and as third quarter earnings season continues, investors should take note.

But when biotech companies publish promising clinical trial data or one of their drugs earns approval from the Food and Drug Administration, their stocks can skyrocket.

Case in point…

As Marc explains in this week’s episode, Novavax (Nasdaq: NVAX) took a jet-fueled leap of 148% in just over one week after a clinical trial showed that its COVID-19 vaccine had potential.

Novavax Took Off

So this week, Marc is revealing the top two catalysts he looks for when vetting a potential biotech investment.

He also unmasks one subset of biotech stocks that he believes catalyst-focused investors should keep a careful eye on…

Once you see the portfolio-changing power of the biotech sector, you’ll understand how it’s captivated Marc for years – and produced some of his biggest wins.

He wants as many readers as possible to see how they can harness the power of biotech to help achieve their dream retirements – and it all starts today.

Click here to watch this week’s episode.

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