Top 3 Dividend Stocks Under $10

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State of the Market

Finding a legitimate penny stock that pays a good dividend isn’t easy.

The low prices that define penny stocks come with speculative risk…

That’s the topic of Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld’s State of the Market this week: three solid, income-generating stocks that are trading for less than $10.

The double-digit-yielding penny stocks he reveals include a shipping company, a cement manufacturer and a real estate investment trust.

While penny stocks may have a reputation for carrying risk, Marc has vetted these three dividend payers based on their past performance. And despite the fact that they’re less than $10, these three stocks adhere to the conservative investing philosophy here at Wealthy Retirement.

Better yet, market trends, like rising inflation and post-COVID-19 growth, are working in favor of these stocks.

And most importantly, these companies will likely grow their dividends faster than most blue chips.

As Marc says in this week’s State of the Market video, get the best of both worlds with solid penny stocks that pay healthy dividends and have room to grow.

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