How to Short a Stock

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Last week at The Oxford Club’s 24th Annual Investment U Conference, Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld received a special request from a Member…

Record a video on how to short stocks.

In this week’s State of the Market, Marc is happy to oblige. In this video, he shows you that shorting a stock is far simpler than it sounds and he teaches you how to get started.

Shorting is when you sell a stock that you don’t own but agree to purchase at a later date.

Shorting is a great strategy to make money in a bear market or when you expect a stock to fall.

But as Marc tells you in this week’s episode, there are a few important aspects of shorting that you need to know, including…

  • How to start short selling with your broker
  • When to short stocks
  • Payout quirks of shorts.

Join Marc in this week’s State of the Market and learn how to make windfall profits on stocks that are overhyped, overvalued and destined for a fall.

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