Three Recession-Proof Stocks to Fortify Your Portfolio

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The bear is striking everywhere, it seems…

But in this week’s State of the Market, Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld reveals three recession-proof stocks that prove there’s always a bull market happening somewhere.

More importantly, these stocks will fortify your portfolio for the rough months ahead.

First, Marc is bringing to the table a nearly inescapable 1.88%-yielding U.S. retailer known as much for its strange clientele as its incredibly low costs.

And this retailer’s brand is built on moments like these – when the American consumer needs to cut costs here and there to stay afloat.

Second is a 2.4%-yielding defense contractor whose earnings are projected to explode over the coming years as we face increasingly belligerent international relations.

It’s safe to say that defensive missile systems and other military deterrents are looking at increasing demand.

Third, Marc has a 5.7%-yielding pharma giant with name-brand medicines to treat shingles, tetanus, hepatitis and more.

This pharma company can rely on the fact that its customers will need their medications come rain or shine, and it’s also looking at the possibility of a huge tailwind.

So don’t stand still as the bear charges your portfolio…

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