“The ONE Trade That Had My Hands Trembling”

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In this week’s episode of State of the Market, Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld recalls the one time he made so much money on a trade, it left his hands trembling…

It was back in the ’90s, and a fresh-faced Marc was looking at the prospect of a SINGLE TRADE being worth more than 10% of his entire gross income.

The trade was Marc’s first foray into a unique security called penny options.

Penny options are affordable options that can lower your risk because they allow you to invest less for chances of gaining more relative to most investments.

But first things first…

Penny options are NOT penny stocks. Penny options are cheap options on quality companies, while penny stocks are cheap stocks tied mostly to junk companies.

And Marc trades penny options – NOT penny stocks.

To safely tap into the power of penny options, you first need to know how to reduce your risk and buy assets that are cheap but set to appreciate in value.

Find out how you could use penny options to rake in income even in today’s harsh markets by tuning in to this week’s episode of State of the Market.

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