Open Thread: Guilty Pleasures

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Even with my tattoo (story here) I still need a little extra something sometimes to keep me moving forward. Or I’ve had a very long day. Sometimes you just need a treat.

That’s when its time for a guilty pleasure…a little “bonbon” you gift yourself just for fun but not necessarily something you want to brag about, cause it might be a little…embarassing.

For some, it’s eating a container of Cookies and Cream ice cream in one go. For others, it’s spending cash that you really shouldn’t on a treat…like a monthly massage. You feel a little weird about it (it’s a guilty pleasure, not the regular kind, after all!)…but it doesn’t stop you.

For me, it’s comic books and movies based on comic book characters. I was a real fangirl when I was younger, with a substantial collection of Marvel comics that would have allowed me to retire by now if my mom hadn’t tossed them out.  I”m pushing 70, and still read ’em, buy ’em, go to the movies, visit the bulletin boards. Comics got me through some bad times when I was a kid (read about it here) and they still do.

But what about you? What’s your guilty pleasure? Let us know in the comments!

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