Hispanic Heritage Month

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Senior Planet salutes Hispanic Heritage month – and every month! – with offerings specifically meant for our Latinx and Hispanic communities. This annual event (September 15 – October 15) celebrates the history and culture of the U.S. Latinx and Hispanic communities

The History

Why the September launch date?  On September 15th, 1821, five Central American countries – Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua – declared their independence from Spain.  Mexico had achieved its independence eleven years earlier, on September 16th 1810 and two days later, on September 18th, 1810 Chile also became independent.

As Senior Planet’s Hispanic community continues to grow, so do the Spanish-language offerings. Best of all, no matter where you live, you can access Spanish-language classes, newsletters and website articles via your computer, tablet or smart phone. Here’s how.

Senior Planet Hispanic and Latinx offerings

Website:  Visit the Spanish language section on the website ( ). In addition to featured articles translated into Spanish, when you check out the tabs at the top, you can find out more about Senior Planet and  its Spanish language offerings, both online and in-person.

Newsletter:  A specialty newsletter in Spanish goes out monthly to give an overview of upcoming Spanish language Senior Planet programming. There are two different, easy ways to subscribe.

  • Go to the main newsletters page at Fill out the form then scroll down and check the box for “Eventos y noticias en espanol”.
  • Fill out the form on the bottom of the Spanish language landing page.

Spanish Club:  If you’re interested in practicing your Spanish, join the club! Senior Planet hosts a weekly discussion group for beginner Spanish speakers designed to help attendees practice conversation skills and learn together.

The hybrid class meets in person as well as virtually via Zoom and telephone call-in on Fridays at noon EST. Location: the Senior Planet Center in New York City (127 West 25th Street).

To attend in person, you must register.  Otherwise, you can join remotely via Zoom or by telephone.  For details and access information:

  • Visit
  • Click on the “All Classes” link under the “Classes” tab
  • Click through to Friday’s class schedule

Community:  Join the growing numbers of Hispanic and Latinx members who are part of the Senior Planet’s Community Spanish Practice Group. To visit and join from the website:

  • Click on the “Resources” tab at the top of the main page of
  • Go to the “Senior Planet Community” link.
  • There are 32 different communities.  You’ll probably find several that appeal to you in addition to the “Spanish Practice Group”.

As the numbers of Senior Planet Hispanic members grows, expect to find more offerings in Spanish at Senior Planet in the coming year!

Nona Aguilar is an award-winning writer of numerous magazine articles and two books. She has also edited four specialty business newsletter publications. Her work has appeared in Ladies Home Journal, Redbook, Family Circle and Cosmopolitan, and in The Business Owner.

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