What Makes Walker Place a Luxury Senior Living Community?

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Luxury can mean a lot of things, but most would agree it has to do with excellent food, accommodations, and experiences. Luxury for older adults may also include the concept of aging in place without the disruption of changing locations, care providers, and staying within a familiar community. 

Walker Methodist Place provides all of these benefits (and more) in our high-rise senior living apartments near the Minneapolis chain of lakes.

A fitness center you’ll want to visit

One of the benefits of living in a luxury senior living community is that amenities don’t need to take up your personal space. A state-of-the-art fitness center and instructors offer classes, resources, guidance, and the support you need to meet your fitness goals. From improved strength and balance to greater flexibility, this shared space provides a safe and social environment to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A vibrant, cultured community

For people with active lifestyles, a central location offers access to a wide variety of activities. Walker Methodist is nestled among Minneapolis parks and lakes, so whether it is walking, sailing, shopping, or music at the Lake Harriet bandshell, entertainment is close at hand. 

Convenient transportation also makes Minneapolis’ vibrant arts and cultural offerings easily accessible. Professional sports, downtown music venues, museums, and theater performances are all a quick drive or bus ride away. 

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Luxury living without luxury prices

You might be thinking that luxury comes at a cost. At Walker Methodist, we uniquely offer an entrance deposit model that makes living in our community more accessible and affordable.

By paying an entrance deposit, you’re essentially paying a downpayment on your apartment (just as you might with a house). This lowers your monthly rent costs. For many of our residents, this deposit makes rent more affordable than other senior living communities in our area. And if you decide to move? Your deposit is 100% refundable.

A home that changes with you

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Our lives are in a constant state of change. Today you might enjoy the walk to your local coffee shop; in the future, you may want to stay close to home during the cold weather.

Our wants (and our needs) change. And change can admittedly be challenging.

Walker Methodist has created a senior living environment that remains familiar — even as your lifestyle and care needs change. Instead of looking for a new place to live as you require more assistance, you can stay in your home and we’ll accommodate you. From independent living to assisted living, changes in your care plan won’t require you to pack up and change locations as your health changes.

Gourmet food and experienced chefs

If you value high-quality food, the closest place to enjoy a great meal is right at home. Walker Methodist’s staff chef provides restaurant-quality menus and a dining experience that you will be eager to share with new friends, family, and neighbors. Dining in is easy, and meals are elegant.

You don’t have to be a foodie to appreciate good food. But when you care about both eating well and eating healthy, it’s important to live in a neighborhood with a wide variety of restaurant and grocery store choices. Not all neighborhoods can provide the spectrum of options available near Walker Methodist in Minneapolis. Our location makes it easy to eat well at home, in the comfort of your own apartment, or at one of your favorite spots.

Customizable apartments

It’s not every senior community that will allow residents to make updates and changes to their apartment. But Walker Place knows that no matter where you live, your taste and style are what make that place your home. Residents of Walker Place can work with Walker Methodist’s team to customize their apartment to meet their needs and desires.  

Walker Methodist works with experienced, approved contractors familiar with our building’s infrastructure and code requirements. Whether it’s painting your space, replacing flooring, or installing a new kitchen, tailoring your living space to your preferences can be the best remodel you’ve ever done.

See Walker Place for yourself

Comfort, amenities, and the little extra conveniences attract new residents. But the biggest luxury Walker Place offers is the confidence that no matter what the future may hold, your living situation will be both adaptable and stable. 

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