A Year of Aging with Attitude: 2022

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What a year 2022 was!  To mark the occasion, here’ s a look at just some of the people Senior Planet profiled, and how they view “Aging with Attitude.”

Henrietta Mantooth, Artist

“Aging slows you down in a lot of ways, but it didn’t slow down my desire to express what I need while I’m still alive.” 

Richard Turner, Card Mechanic

“Have a healthy disregard for anyone who tells you something is impossible. I lost my eyesight at nine and I dealt with that. Now 60 years later, I’m having to deal with “there goes that knee.” Fine! Give me the titanium knee!”

Cheech Marin, Performer

“I smoke weed all day and avoid all exercise. I think that’s the key. You can decry it all you want but here I am!”

Anabel Rivera

“It’s about independence. And being willing to learn the skills you need to be free.” 

Nick Nolte, Actor

“Physically, you try to just hang on to things. More than ever, you’ve got to really pay attention to your habits and your health as you age.”

Gloria Barksdale, Trainer

“…I think aging with attitude means you are confident in how you are aging – mentally, emotionally, physically and of course technologically.” 

Audrey HIlliard, Connected NYCHA Coordinator

“It means to me… moving forward into the future to do better. It means you want better. And I feel that all Seniors want better.

Sokie Lee, Litter Activist

‘Do what you love most, do it with passion and get other people on the same wagon.”

And a special thanks to the team members who found all these incredible people and coaxed out their wonderful stories.

Sean Cruse (left) who manages the Sponsored Athlete program; Pam Hugi (right), Senior Planet Community and Advocacy Manager.  

Our profile coverage is also handled by NaBeela Washington (above), who is our General Assignment Contributor.  Last but not least is

Gill Pringle (right), our Hollywood Correspondent, who brings on the glam to the Senior Planet website.

Thanks for all your hard work – and on to 2023!

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