Open Thread: If I knew then….

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…what I know now.

At New Year’s I look forward…and I look back, too, and review the lessons learned.

I curse the day I sold my McDonald’s stock in the 90’s because it was stuck at $50 a share for more than a year.  It’s now trading at more than $262 a share.

I consider my college career and wish I had given my Italian language class a chance.

There are several writing contracts I’d take back and renegotiate in a New York Minute…if I knew then what I know now.

If I could meet my younger self, I’d tell her that naps are underrated and nights clubbing till dawn is overrated….and not to drink or dance too close to the speakers (she said, looking at her hearing aids). I’d tell her to eat more fiber.

But that’s me. How about you?  What would you tell your younger self?  Let us know in the comments!

Virge Randall is Senior Planet’s Managing Editor. She is also a freelance culture reporter who seeks out hidden gems and unsung (or undersung) treasures for Straus Newspapers; her blog “Don’t Get Me Started” puts a quirky new spin on Old School New York City. Send  Open Thread suggestions to

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