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Today though, coffee is on my mind since my plant bloomed, and we just had a big fair in Boquete. Wonderful coffee is grown in the mountains right above us. The climate and growing conditions are good so there are many coffee farms here. A number of them also give coffee tours which are very interesting. The plants are beautiful with glossy, dark green leaves and fragrant flowers, or when the time is right, red berries that contain the coffee beans. I even have my own coffee plant! I don’t expect to be harvesting coffee but it’s interesting and very pretty.

Geisha coffee is also grown here. It is the most unique and expensive coffee in the world! This article here explains it much better than I can. The geisha plants are slow growing, don’t produce much, and are fussy about their growing conditions but the coffee they produce is unlike any other coffee.

Geisha coffee price set a record a couple years ago, $2560/pound! Can you imagine how you would feel if you grew and sold this coffee!

Here are a couple YouTubers I follow discussing Geisha coffee

Coffee is a big deal here in the Chiriqui highlands! They have a big fair every year to celebrate. This year’s fair just ended on Sunday and there were tons of visitors, loud music well into the night, and many happy people. And, of course, it’s a huge economic boost to the town. Our band played in Boquete on Sunday night. There were big busses from all over the country parked everywhere, lots of cars, many people on foot, and a wonderful, enthusiastic crowd at our gig so we had a blast.

We are into the tourist season now, so hopefully we’ll have more fun band nights ahead. When the holidays are over and it’s cold up north, people come down to enjoy the warm weather. Boquete is a tourist and expat destination so you’re likely to meet people from all over the world. We prefer to live at a lower, warmer elevation but we’re happy to be close enough to Boquete to enjoy times up there.

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