Creative Tech: Use Your Laptop!

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Feeling an itch to be creative? Here are three creative things you can do from your laptop (or desktop) computer. You could use your smartphone for these, but your computer’s larger screen and extra storage capacity would be a better fit for these projects.

You’ve probably seen them online – funny photographs with captions. The popular ones are referred to as memes. (For a good round up on what they are and what they mean, visit here.)   Fortunately, they’re easy to create. You can use your own photo.

You can also select from a group of images especially well-suited for memes, like the popular “Captain Picard Facepalm” at right.

Web-Based Meme Solutions

Each of the following Web-based solutions will step you through the process:

Adobe: The free version of Adobe Express has enough templates, backgrounds, and fonts to get you started. Upload your own photo or use one of Adobe’s stock photos.

Imgur’s Meme Generator includes a search function that lets you browse the massive imgur library for appropriate images.

Imgflip’s Meme Generator gives you quick access to the latest trending meme photos.

If you want to try a meme:  research what’s already popular and keep it simple – and fun!

Your smartphone can help you record videos, and it can handle relatively complex video editing. However, by transferring your videos to your computer, you’ll be better able to see your videos while editing them and have additional storage space for your edited versions. If you’re not sure how to transfer a video, check out this tutorial.

Video Options

To edit a video from your computer, consider the browser-based Clipchamp. The free version includes a basic set of video-editing tools with a variety of filters and effects. You’ll also be able to insert a title card or closing credits. Not sure how to start? Choose one of the templates and add in your own video and text. You’ll find social media templates for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, as well as topic templates for memes, testimonials, and montages.

If you want to edit a video:  Consider the rhythm and pace of your edits and keep your intended audience in mind.

You’ll want a broad selection of templates when creating a greeting card. First, you’ll choose the occasion, such as a birthday or graduation. Next, you’ll select one of the templates for that occasion. And then you’ll customize the images, graphics, and text to personalize the contents.

Design Options

Greetings Island is a free online greeting-card generator with a wide selection of templates. You’ll have the option of printing your card directly from your browser, saving it as a PDF, or emailing it to the recipient.

The free Web-based version of Canva also includes an easy-to-use greeting card component. It has an excellent selection of templates that are organized by occasion. In addition to being able to save your card to your computer, you’ll have the option to send it out to a professional printing service. (And yes, a professional printing service can be expensive.)

If you want to print greeting cards: Check if your printer can handle card stock paper; to print on both sides, set your printer to two-page printing.

Of course, this is just a few of the ways you can turn your laptop into a creative tool. For another example of using technology for creativity, check out David’s profile and his electronic music videos here. and join him on Senior Planet Community‘s Space for Creatives!

How do you use your laptop or mobile to spur your creativity? Share your idea in the comments!

David English has written more than 1,000 articles for a variety of publications, including Architectural Record, Attaché, CNET, Computer Shopper, Hemispheres, Omni, PC Magazine, PC World, Sky, and US Airways Magazine. You can read more about his work as an award-winning writer at davidenglish.comHe often focuses on creative uses of technology. Ten of his photos were featured in a solo exhibition at the Leica Store at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. And he has created music videos that combine improvised music with computer graphics. You can view his photography at and his music videos on his YouTube channel.

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