It’s March? Already?

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There were the holidays. Then it was January. Somehow February flew by. How does this happen?

It’s OK with me if March flies by also. We are in the height of summer right now. I like warm weather but daily afternoons in the mid to upper 90’s are a bit much, there hasn’t been a drop of rain for weeks, and everything is drying out and burning up in the intense sun. Water is a problem when there isn’t any rain, so the water has been off during the day every day. I think they are trying to conserve water but as more and more people get reserve tanks, they use their usual amounts of water so nothing is really saved. I’m very thankful for our tank but I still try to be mindful of how much water we use. In Florida, water was very expensive so that trained us.

We’ve also had days of strong trade winds. I’ve seen reports of 50-60 mph winds! Thankfully, knock on wood, so far, we haven’t seen many fires. People want to clear their land and/or dispose of trash with minimal cost and effort, so they set it on fire. When everything is bone dry and the wind is blowing, you can imagine how easy it is for this to get out of control. We still have about six weeks before the rains return so we’ll keep our fingers crossed that there aren’t more fires coming. But, on the positive side, we get flowers and fruits that we usually don’t have the rest of the year. The bougainvillea are especially spectacular, and mangoes are coming soon.

The band continues to play in Boquete and it’s an entirely different world up there, only 40 minutes away! It’s still windy but evenings are in the 60’s and often damp if not downright wet. The mist comes rolling through like clouds descending, but it makes for some spectacular rainbows! The sun is getting low in the sky behind us when we are setting up for the evening, so the rainbows appear right in front of us beside our venue.

We’re happy with how things have been going with the band. We video our gigs so we can watch later and find areas to improve, and this has been very helpful. Some friends are stuck in the US at the moment, so I’ve been putting more videos on my channel so they can still come to the gigs in spirit. Hmm, I’m not sure if that link works. Maybe this is better, a link to the last video and you can click on my name there to find others

That’s about all at the moment. I’m also looking forward to March flying by because we have plans in April. We’re going to see kids, grandkids, and my new sisters! We’re also going to see Muse in concert in California. They are just beginning their US tour and videos are starting to appear on YouTube. It looks like it’s going to be awesome.

You all have probably heard more than enough of me complaining about the heat when so many of you are suffering through winter weather and getting hit by storm after storm. I hope the time marches quickly towards spring for you all, and without tornadoes or other weather-related problems. You all take good care of yourselves!

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