The Single Greatest Trade in Wall Street History

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– Rebecca Barshop, Senior Managing Editor

Throughout history, Wall Street has witnessed a handful of individual trades so incredible…

So transcendent…

So mind-bendingly unfathomable…

That they’ve both redefined the limits of human achievement… and forced us to question whether they could have possibly been accomplished without the influence of the supernatural.

For instance…

Jesse Livermore Shorting the Great Crash of 1929

Days before the crash of 1929 triggered the start of the Great Depression, Jesse Livermore shorted almost the entire stock market. It went down as one of the best-timed trades the world has ever seen.

This single trade made Livermore roughly $100 million.

That’s the equivalent of over $1.4 billion today.

Or how about…

Paul Tudor Jones’ Black Monday Trade in 1987

Using what’s now considered modern-day technical analysis, Paul Tudor Jones famously predicted that the stock market was going to crash in 1987. Days later, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 22%, which to this day is the largest single-day stock market decline in history.

This single trade made Jones a $100 million profit.

And who could forget this one…

John Templeton Shorting the Dot-Com Bubble

Sir John Templeton shorted a basket of internet stocks in 2000, right before their six-month IPO lockup periods ended. Then, as the internet bubble burst in spectacular fashion…

Templeton made $80 million in just a few weeks.

He would later describe it as the easiest money he ever made.

Even more recently, there was…

John Paulson’s Subprime Mortgage Trade

This trade was so good they made movies about it…

Back in 2007, John Paulson knew that banks were giving loans to individuals who could not afford to repay them. Realizing the fragility of the situation, he artfully positioned his hedge fund to profit when the bubble burst.

During one of the most severe crises in U.S. history, this trade made Paulson around $4 billion.

These are all life-changing examples of what can happen if you have the vision to see what nobody else sees… and the foresight to position yourself to profit when that vision becomes reality.

Those who possess this rare ability have made themselves untold sums of money…

Like Jim Rogers, who made an early call on commodities in the ’90s after decades of bear market conditions…

Or David Tepper, who made a long call on major banks in 2009 even though many feared nationalization…

Or Jim Chanos, who shorted Enron even as “Big Five” accounting firm Arthur Andersen swore up and down it was financially sound.

The point is…

The rare and unique ability to see what everyone else cannot is a skill that could make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. And right now, there is a grossly overlooked market condition happening that I call the “Secret Profit Window.”

Just consider…

If you had owned one popular stock during the Secret Profit Window, you would have made a return of more than 30,000%.

A $1,000 investment could’ve grown into $306,000 in only three years.

But here’s the shocking part…

If you had traded the exact same popular stock outside of the Secret Profit Window…

You would’ve lost 99.6%.

And this isn’t some crazy market fluke. Let me show you another example to prove it.

If you’d traded a popular ETF during the Secret Profit Window, you could’ve turned a $100 investment into $1,411,200.

Yes, you read that right.

You could have turned $100… into OVER $1.4 million.

But get this…

If you’d traded this exact same ETF outside of the Secret Profit Window…

You would’ve lost 99.8%.

That’s the difference between making $1.4 million…

And losing basically everything. Your entire investment – GONE.

That’s why I consider the Secret Profit Window the greatest opportunity in modern-day market history.

Yes… that’s a huge statement. But I’m about to back it up.

Every. Single. Word.


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