Survey Shows Low Satisfaction With New Alzheimer’s Drug Leqembi

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Fewer than half of the neurologists surveyed in a new report are recommending Leqembi to patients.

According to the new report from market research firm Spherix Global Insights, satisfaction in the drug is “relatively low” six months into its commercial launch, with an average satisfaction rate of the treatment 15% lower than “the typical rating for a new neurology market entrant.”

Of the 75 neurologists surveyed by Spherix Global Insight, fewer than half are recommending the treatment for Alzheimer’s disease patients.

Among the drug’s frustrations was the fact that two-fifths of the patients who are eligible for the treatment could not get approval for coverage from Medicare or another insurer.

“For some patients who can obtain Medicare or private insurance coverage, the co-pays are reportedly too high,” Spherix added in a press release about the study.

Earlier in February, the drug’s maker, maker Biogen (Nasdaq: BIIB), said there were about 3,800 patients on the Leqembi.

Around half of the surveyed neurologists reported having issues conducting the right sort of testing required to gain approval to prescribe it.


Performing the infusion required for the treatment is reportedly an issue as well, with three-fifths of patients having to travel to an offsite infusion center unrelated to their neurologist’s practice.

Neurologists are also reportedly split on the effectiveness of lowering beta-amyloid as a treatment of early onset Alzheimer’s.

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