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How one couple champions wellness through the Stride for Seniors 5k/10k

Meet David and Sarah, longtime 5k/10k Stride for Seniors participants whose journey encapsulates the essence of Walker Methodist — a blend of resilience, connection, and a commitment to wellness.

With a background in journalism, David’s life took a transformative turn when he decided to embark on a journey of self-improvement in his 50s. Battling with weight issues, he realized the need for fundamental lifestyle changes. Thus began his odyssey towards fitness and wellness, a path that intertwined with Walker Methodist.

David and Sarah

Taking a leap toward health and wellness

“I was pretty overweight and decided I needed some fundamental lifestyle changes,” David recalls. This decision led him back to college, where he completed his degree, and to the doors of the local YMCA, where he started working out. It was there, under the guidance of an instructor, that he discovered the transformative power of Pilates.

“Sarah has always been active, but I’m a late-in-life athlete who started in his 50s,” he shares. Pilates became more than just a workout routine; it became a passion. David’s dedication eventually led him to become a Pilates instructor himself, sharing his newfound love with others in the community.

For David and Sarah, fitness isn’t just about personal health; it’s a way to connect with their surroundings. Running, biking, and kayaking became shared activities, weaving them closer to their community. 

“Running is very complementary to Pilates, and the Stride for Seniors walk-run just seemed like a great goal to work toward,” David remarks.

Connecting with Walker Methodist on a deeper level 

Their journey took on deeper meaning when they moved David’s parents to Walker Place in 2018. Sarah’s work with Walker Methodist had already forged a connection, but it was the exceptional care that David’s parents received that solidified their bond with the community.

Despite the challenges of his parents’ declining health, David found solace in the compassionate support provided by the Walker Place team.

“They saw my parents as people, not just patients,” he emphasizes.

The team’s dedication and respect enriched his parents’ final years and deeply touched their family’s hearts.

In a neighborhood where community extends beyond boundaries, David and Sarah’s story embodies the spirit of Walker Methodist’s 5k/10k Stride for Seniors. It’s about more than just physical wellness; it’s about forging connections, finding support, and experiencing life’s journey together.

Walker Methodist prides itself on being the best place to live and work. By partnering with champions like David and Sarah, we are able to provide the necessary support and care our residents need.

Stride with us!

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