Happy Thanksgiving 2021!

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Happy Thanksgiving week! The Holiday Season is here. 2021 is another strange year for many of us. Some people are doing very well, but some people are having a really tough time. We are very fortunate to be one of those families that are doing quite well. Mrs. RB40 has a stable job and enjoys working from home. My blog income is down quite a bit, but I’m making up for it with side hustles. RB40Jr is back in school and he is doing okay. Well, he had some issues adjusting to the new school year, but he is fitting in better now. All in all, 2021 is turning out to be a very good year for us. We are very grateful for a nice year in an uncertain time.


Last Thanksgiving was very difficult because of Covid. We usually travel to spend the holiday with families because RB40Jr has the week off. However, we didn’t go anywhere last year because Covid was spreading. This year, we feel much better because all of us got the vaccine. RB40Jr got his first shot last week. He’ll get the second shot in December. However, we still plan to stay in town this year and spend Thanksgiving with some friends. We’ll go see families during Christmas instead. For this holiday, we’ll try to keep it normal by carrying on our Thanksgiving traditions. For us, this means.

  • Watching the ParadeMrs. RB40 loves parades. She was a color guard when she was in high school. We’ll watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade together and chill out on Thursday morning.
  • Have fun – We have the whole week off. Let’s have some fun. This year, we’ll check out the new boardgame store nearby, try the truffle burger at the Shake Shack, and maybe go see a show if we can get tickets.
  • Thanksgiving feast – Normally, Mrs. RB40 cooks our Thanksgiving feast on Saturday because she only gets Thursday off. This year, she is taking Friday off and she’ll make a few pies on Thursday. Then we’ll head to our friend’s place for a little Thanksgiving pot luck. The kids will have a lot of fun.
  • Family time – We’ll set up a zoom call for a family chat or at least, a family toast. It’s not the same, but we’ll be able to talk a bit.
  • Christmas tree – We’ll put up our Christmas tree and decorate it this week. Let’s get ready for Christmas!
  • Take the week off – School is closed this week! RB40Jr is ecstatic. I’m also taking the rest of the week off from blogging. Mrs. RB40 is working from Monday to Wednesday, but it should be pretty relaxing. All in all, we’ll watch a lot of movies, read, and play both board games and video games. I hope you can enjoy some time off as well.
  • Be thankful – 2021 is way better than 2020, but it still isn’t a normal year. Some of our friends are stuggling with life, finances, and various other issues due to Covid. Luckily, we’re unscatched by the pandemic and we’re very grateful for that. 2021 has been a good year.

So that’s our plan for Thanksgiving. We’re not going to see families, but we’ll have a good time with friends.

Black Friday

The one tradition we won’t miss is Black Friday shopping. We haven’t joined the Black Friday frenzy for years. It’s not worth getting up early and braving the crowd. It’s way more convenient to shop online these days. I wonder if there will be big crowds at the stores this year.

This year, I don’t really have to buy anything on Black Friday. We already have everything we need. I guess I’ll shop for a new Android phone for my dad. His phone is outdated and doesn’t work that well anymore. If you have a recommendation for a sub $200 phone, let me know.


Ok, that’s all I got this week. We’re very grateful to be doing so well this year. I know many people are having a tough time. Hang in there. I really think 2022 will be better. We have good vaccines, the economy is doing well, and workers have more power now. Let’s have a good week with friends and families

What’s your plan for Thanksgiving? Do you have any interesting traditions? Happy Thanksgiving! Stay healthy and schedule that booster shot.

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