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5 Ways to Optimize Your Loved One’s Recovery Post-Surgery

Surgery can be an anxiety-inducing prospect at any age, and it can be especially stressful when it’s for your…

National Senior’s Health and Fitness Day. Do I Have to Get Off the Couch to Participate?

This Wednesday, May 25th, is National Senior Health and Fitness Day, one of two days a year that focuses…

Minneapolis Shopping and Restaurants Near Walker Place

When you move to Walker Place, you might be surprised to find that many of the places where you…

Skin Cancer Awareness Month

The one thing that I don’t have to tell anyone is that summer is coming. We’ve been careful over…

9 Foods to Support Dietary Needs of Seniors

Eating a well-rounded, balanced, nutritious diet is often more difficult than we think. Between the Internet and today’s marketing…

Back to Basics – Medicare’s Prescription Drug Program

I thought this week would be a good time to get back to basics on Medicare’s prescription drug program.…

Arthritis Awareness Month – A Chance to Become Aware

This month is Arthritis Awareness Month with Aware being the operative word. The number of people affected by arthritis…

Retire Down the Street at Walker Place

Maintaining a home is a big commitment. But what if you could give up the hassle of owning a…

What Will Congresses’ Next Step Be on Healthcare?

After a two-week break Congress is coming back in session at a time that historically has been an active…

Feeling better through food: 8 foods to eat after surgery

Eating healthy foods is a great practice in life, but it is especially important after surgery. No matter how…

Report From the American Society of Aging Conference

Every year the American Society on Aging (ASA) has held a conference that brings together a specific group of…

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