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Some Projects at Home

There have been a few things I’ve been thinking of doing, so I decided to finally move forward. My…

Tech: Apps for that International Vacay!

The pent-up demand for travel this summer (after three years of Covid travel restrictions) is creating a crush for…

Staying Focused in a World Screaming for Your Attention

A student asks a Zen master, “Please write for me something of great wisdom.” The master picks up his…

May 2023 FIRE Update

Hey everyone! Oh wow, it’s almost summer and school will be out soon. May went by pretty quickly. Did…

Open Thread: Favorite Time-Wasters

Thoreau once wrote “You cannot waste time without injuring eternity,” – a rather overblown bit of hyperbole, in my…

Investing Basics: 14 Simple Strategies for Building Long Term Wealth

Investing can be made simpler by following a few strategies that focus on ease, efficiency, and long-term success. And,…

Compound Interest and Saving as Much as You Can as Early as You Can: Magical Secrets to Building Real Wealth

Compound interest possesses a truly magical power that defies conventional expectations. If you save and invest consistently over a…

Is Even the Best ETF Better Than Owning Individual Stocks?

Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld says that one of the most common questions he gets asked is this… Should…

Good Debt and Bad Debt: A Quick Guide to Wise Use of Borrowing for Financial Success

Debt is a concept that can be both daunting and confusing. Most people think of debt as either a…

Advice from 2023 Graduation Speeches that Can Apply to Your Financial Goals

It’s commencement season and graduation speeches are inspiring millions of graduates with great advice for living a good life.…

Neighborhood Meetings

We live in a Panamanian neighborhood of about 130 houses. Occasionally if there is a concern in the neighborhood,…

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