Marc’s Top 3 Stocks to Avoid in 2022

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State of the Market

In this week’s episode of State of the Market, Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld sounds the alarm on three stocks to avoid like the plague in 2022.

A software “business,” a highly suspicious biotech and an electric-car manufacturer all carry valuations that bely concern.

Marc affectionally refers to the first company as the “biggest short on the market.” It prefers to behave like a “surrogate for Bitcoin” rather than develop a full, responsible business model.

The second is a pharmaceutical company with a habit of prematurely declaring cures… even though it has not produced a single Food and Drug Administration-approved drug in its 38-year existence.

Last, and certainly not least, Marc puts us on alert about a top electric vehicle manufacturer and household name. But unlike with the two previous no-go stocks, Marc’s judgment on this one doesn’t reflect poor management or financials.

The issue with this third and final stock is that it carries a hefty price tag, yet there’s a litany of risk down the road. The company looks poised to thrive in the long run. But with the stock “priced for perfection,” as Marc words it, you stand to lose if anything goes remotely wrong.

Take notes on these risky stocks and tune in next week for Marc’s follow-up episode. In it, he’ll reveal his top stocks to buy heading into 2022.

You’ll know exactly where to put your money to work going into the new year…

Click here to watch this week’s episode.

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