Marc’s Top 3 Stocks to Buy for 2022

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State of the Market

In this week’s episode of State of the Market, Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld reveals his top three stocks to buy going into 2022.

These powerhouses include a thriving artificial intelligence (AI) company, a biotech with a unique business strategy and a rock-solid (if not boring) insurance company.

The first produces AI software for enterprise applications. Its predictive technology helps provide better care for medical patients, timely maintenance for industrial equipment and other improvements to applications across a menagerie of industries.

Considering its booming revenue, this stock is one you’ll want to snag now before it goes vertical and gets bought out.

Marc’s second pick is a pharmaceutical biotech that forgoes the usual industry business model of pouring millions of dollars into clinical trials and betting on the outcomes.

Instead, this biotech lends out its technology and installations to other companies looking to develop drugs. And with royalties being collected on more than 30 medicines on the market, this stock has many legs to stand on.

Last up is a 4.2%-yielding insurance giant set to take off once rates soar to catch up with fiery-hot inflation. Best of all, Wall Street is showing the stock no love…

It’s a textbook contrarian play teed up for a monstrous swing…

So if you caught last week’s episode of State of the Market on Marc’s top three stocks to avoid, this week’s video will equip you with the rest of the knowledge you need to race ahead in 2022.

You’ll want these three top-notch stocks in your portfolio going into next year…

Click here to watch this week’s episode.

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