How to Prepare for the Bear

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State of the Market

In this week’s episode of State of the Market, Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld addresses the question that’s been keeping us up at night the past few weeks…

With the markets down and inflation surging, are we entering a bear market?

Grab your bear repellent because Marc says we’re already in one.

If you’re a subscriber of Wealthy Retirement and/or Marc’s newsletter or VIP Trading Research Services – or just a like-minded investor – you’ve already got bear market protection built into your portfolios.

Regardless, whether you’re new to the series or a seasoned Oxford Club Member, you need to hear Marc’s latest observations on a market going sideways in 2022…

Because we want to profit off this bear market, not lose out. But to do so, short- and long-term investors should be responding differently to what lies ahead.

Furthermore, Marc has an ace up his sleeve that will benefit from the Fed’s coming rate hikes. Think of this asset as some reassurance packaged with a steady income stream…

It’s the perfect way to saddle up on this bear market and sleep a little easier at night.

Click here to watch this week’s episode.

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