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Editor’s Note: Today’s Wealthy Retirement comes from our good friend and founder of Manward Press Andy Snyder, who has an incredible 100X play up his sleeve…

It’s a private tech disrupter with a star-studded management team and a lucrative solution to the most pressing issue in an $84.5 trillion industry.

The best part? Andy will show you how to get in early alongside the wealthiest investors and institutions in the world.

Of course, you’ll have to act fast to get in on this trade… so don’t drag your feet…

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– Kyle Wehrle, Assistant Managing Editor

We just did something huge over in the world of Manward.

For the first time ever, our subscribers have access to my research on private, off-market equity crowdfunding deals. With just $100 (often less), they can get a stake in some of the hottest, highest-potential startups on the planet.

This is huge.

But why?

Why am I so passionate about making my readers aware of these deals? Why should somebody planning for their retirement or even in the midst of their retirement put money in this space?

The answer is simple. Returns.

Few other places – especially right now – offer as much profit potential.

You’ve heard the success stories.

4,900% on WhatsApp in four years.

118,000% on Facebook in seven years.

233,000% on Juniper Networks in three years.

It’s gains like these that have some of the world’s biggest investors piling into the space.

Big Money Moves

This month, for example, Goldman Sachs announced a gloomy track record in the stock market. During the fourth quarter, it lost $500 million in publicly traded stocks.

It’s not hard to see why.

Thankfully, it had a recently revealed portfolio of private deals to buoy its profits. That tiny slice of its portfolio was worth $2 billion in gains over the last three months.

While most folks are wondering what to do about a wavering stock market… Goldman and its Wall Street brethren aren’t waiting around.

CalPERS, California’s huge pension manager, just boosted its allocation to private equity to 13%.

Los Angeles’ pension fund went even further, putting 17% of its money into off-market deals.

Of course, the moves are paying off.

Harvard has a third of its endowment in private deals. They returned 77% last year. The University of North Carolina did even better. It saw a 142% return.

It’s no wonder the average institutional investor has 9% of its funds allocated to the space.

But, again, the average investor has none… zero exposure to private deals.

I want that to change. If folks are serious about getting where they want to go, it must change.

Fortunately, updates to old laws and new technology make it possible. In fact, grabbing a small stake in the next big thing is now nearly as easy as buying shares of a public company.

That’s why we just did what we did. That’s why we’re telling everybody we can about the potential in this market.


The private company we just detailed in an exclusive research report for our readers is an incredible high-tech play.

You’ve probably heard about the metaverse and the billions that are pouring into it. This company has a very real shot at being in the center of it all.

We’re convinced it has 100X potential.

Get this… This tiny company was co-founded by a brilliant electrical engineer… an award-winning serial entrepreneur with more than 100 patents to his name.

He took his last company public on the Nasdaq in less than five years.

Just five years!

Then he oversaw its $1.9 billion merger with a major global medical device company.

Early investors had a shot at extraordinary returns on their investments.

If it’s possible, this tech darling’s other co-founder is even more impressive.

She invented the technology used in every cellphone camera on the planet… while working as an actual rocket scientist for NASA.

Not only is she in the Space Technology Hall of Fame…

She also negotiated partnerships with companies like Hitachi, Kodak and Intel. And that was before selling her previous company to Micron Technology for an undisclosed but likely MASSIVE price.

Think this duo could do it again?

I sure do!

But here’s the best part…

Anybody can get in with as little as $100.

Huge Upside

We know of no other investment that offers such huge upside with so little upfront investment.

Take a guy like Chris Sacca, who we found featured by Forbes during our research. He started with “pretty much nothing” in 2006.

He invested in Twitter and Uber while they were still private and set up pretty much just like the company we told our Venture Fortunes readers about.

Chris made more than 700,000% on Twitter and 1,800,000% on Uber.

He built an estimated $1.2 billion net worth in less than a decade.


Lots of folks are negative on the market. They’re worried they missed the bull run. They think their dreams of a carefree retirement are over… ruined by the Fed.

We’re not pessimistic at all about what’s going on. We’re doing what we do best. We’re exploring new ideas and new opportunities… and are doing things differently.

This is huge.

The potential is enormous.

All the information about what we’re up to and why we’re so excited about all of this is right here.

Be well,


P.S. Jeff Bezos has a bullish saying. “Given a 10% chance of a 100-times payoff, you should take that bet every time.” He would know. He has turned $250,000 into $3 billion with Google since 1998. Click here to learn more about how you can get started in private deals for just $100.

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