YouTuber Thursday ep. 2 – Quarantine and Sushi Buffet

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Hey everyone, being a YouTuber is exhausting. I filmed a bunch of clips and I need to edit and post them. Hence, this cross production. I’ll share my latest YouTube clips here and give you more details behind the scene. Check them out if you need a midweek break from work and the mundane life.

My Thailand trip so far

Ok, I’m in Chiang Mai! I arrived in Bangkok last week with the Test & Go program and it worked out beautifully. Here is a quick recap.

  • My flight from Seattle to Narita was about 20% full. I got 2 seats to myself and had a comfortable flight.
  • The flight from Narita to Bangkok was about 80% full. But I still got 2 seats to myself. Lucky!
  • The plane landed in Bangkok at 11:30 pm.
  • We got off and went to do paperwork at the check point.
  • I got through immigration very quickly. There was nobody ahead of me when I got there.
  • The luggage came pretty quickly and I walk through custom without any issue.
  • Exiting the custom, there are a bunch of stands. The hotels are waiting to pick up passengers.
  • My driver wasn’t there, but a helper person called them for me.
  • I went to get a sim card so I’ll have internet. The driver came while I was doing this. I think it took about 40 minutes from landing to getting into the car.
  • The drivers were actually paramedics. They drove me to my hotel.
  • The paramedic gave me a PCR test in the parking lot. After that, a hotel staff whisked me to my quarantine room. It was around 1 am by then.
  • I made a YouTube clip.
  • The next day, I waited, got impatient and called the front desk several times to check on my status.
  • Around 1pm, they called and said I tested negative. Then they told me to pack up because they’ll move me to a different floor.
  • I moved to a different floor and did a second take of the Hotel review. Hahaha. I was so tired when I made the first clip, I wasn’t sure how it turned out.
  • After that, I was free and went out to gorge myself on a sushi buffet nearby.

All in all, it was a great experience. I stayed in Bangkok for 3 nights then flew to Chiang Mai. In Chiang Mai, I stayed at a hotel for 2 nights. Then I got tested on the 5th day. The test came back negative and I went to stay with my parents.

You can read more about how I prepared for this trip in my previous post – Traveling to Thailand January 2022.

YouTuber for life!

It was tough being a solo Youtuber. Making clips would be much easier if I have my crew with me. My camera has a long throw and it has to sit a bit further than a table is wide. I had to shoot diagonally most of the time. In our previous clips, Mrs. RB40 handled the camera.

Also, I forgot my GoPro to tripod mount. I think the GoPro has a shorter throw. I’ll buy an adapter and try shooting more with the GoPro soon.

#1 – Test & Go Quarantine Hotel

This was the first clip I made at 2 am, local time. I was pretty tired from the flight, but I thought I did okay.

#2 – Hotel Verve (SHA+) in Thong Lor Bangkok

I did a 2nd take because I got a new room. It really didn’t improve much. I think I need to practice a few times instead of just start shooting cold.

#3 – Thong Lor Sushi Buffet

A Thai Youtuber made a clip about this sushi restaurant. I saw it a while back and it looked delicious. Also, I haven’t had great sushi in a long time so I thought I’d try it. It was quite good and I ate 3 sets, 30 pieces of sushi. I was so full, I didn’t eat anything until the next day.

Thailand has a robust food Youtuber scene. These YouTubers make clips at various eateries and they have a ton of followers. I don’t see that kind of culture in the US. Or maybe I’m just not following the right channel. Anyway, I thought I’d try it. This first clip wasn’t great. The angle wasn’t good and I got a few things wrong about the food.

  • I thought they used brown rice, but it was actually red vinegar that made the sushi rice a bit brown.
  • Some of the sushi were edo style (marinated). These didn’t need soy sauce at all. Fortunately, I didn’t add any soy sauce in the video, but I didn’t articulate the reason well.

Also, I couldn’t get the auto subtitles to work in this clip. I guess the background music was too loud, but I don’t know why. I had to add the subtitle manually.

Anyway, check out my clips and let me know what you think. How can I improve?

Next week – Don Don Donki  mall and Top 5 Thai Eateries in Thong Lor

Subscribe to my channel so you can see if I can make it big. Probably not, but it’ll be fun eating a ton of ridiculously delicious food.

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