Don’t Let Hospitals Rob You Blind

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State of the Market

Few things ignite Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld’s fury quite like a “clean bill of health” that doesn’t come with a clean bill.

That’s why he’s devoted this week’s State of the Market to showing you how to save a fortune when dealing with hospital billing departments – what Marc calls “black holes for savings accounts.”

Because it doesn’t matter if you did your due diligence…

If you researched your plan, broke out the calculator and crunched the numbers…

Your hospitals bills often don’t reflect your insurance coverage because hospital billing departments can be as unscrupulous as they are disorganized.

And the billing departments’ reasons for up-charging you can border on outright absurdity.

Don’t cave in. As Marc explains in today’s episode, this is when you need to stand your ground and start asking the billing department the right questions.

Furthermore, there’s a type of medical service – of which Marc gives an example – that can cut the cost of your prescriptions and slash your monthly medical bills.

It’s a cheap, easy solution that comes with plenty of choices if you differ on Marc’s preference.

Stop letting “Sonic the Debt Collector,” as Marc fondly refers to him, bully you into handing over your hard-earned money for services and conditions you didn’t sign off on.

(Fair warning, this one gets a little heated.)

Click here to learn how to save a fortune in this week’s episode of State of the Market.

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