An Easy Breakdown of Individual Bonds

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In this week’s State of the Market rerun, Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld runs through everything you need to know about individual bonds.

Because even though Marc is a self-described “dividend stock guy” and he doesn’t often dedicate State of the Market videos to fixed income…

Bond know-how has become even more of a NECESSITY in today’s volatile markets.

But as Marc playfully points out, bonds have an undeserved reputation for being boring.

And it’s only because investors misunderstand bonds and their uses, which means they’re missing out on the asset class’s trading potential.

So if you’re curious about bonds, their pricing, coupons or market dynamics…

Feel like you’ve been misled about them in the past…

Or are worried about how war, inflation, supply chain breakdowns and more will affect the markets and your portfolio…

You NEED to watch Marc’s easy-to-understand primer on bond investing.

(Note: This video originally aired on September 3, 2021.)

Click here to view it in this week’s State of the Market.

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