Best Bitcoin IRA Companies of 2022

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BlockMint is the company of choice and stands out as the best Bitcoin IRA for investors new to or without substantial prior experience in dealing with cryptocurrency. This is because BlockMint has advisors that will help choose your crypto portfolio.

BlockMint is suitable for those who would rather not enter into cryptocurrency trades on their own and essentially want an expert to operate their entire account on their behalf. Although the decision-making on crypto trading is left to the company’s professionals, you need to pay a hefty fee for the service. BlockMint will charge you 15%, which is in addition to other fees, to purchase.

A few of those other fees include a purchase fee (2.5)% and sell fee (1%), an annual maintenance fee ($195), and a monthly storage fee (0.05%). All of these fees are levied by Equity Trust, the account custodian.

As per the BlockMint website, support is available for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Ethereum Classic, and Bitcoin Cash. It is not clear if support is offered for Ripple XRP – since the SEC effectively shut down the asset. In any case, the list is quite modest but does include coins that are most popular.

Despite the steep (as well as numerous) fees, the advantage you get from BlockMint is that everything is done for you. No computer skills are necessary to operate BlockMint. You can get started by phone or online, and BlockMint provides assistance, for funding your account, with any IRA or 401(k) rollovers.

BlockMint, operating since 1997, is owned by Lear Capital, which is a company having extensive experience in investments related to gold and other precious metals.

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