Open Thread: Money Hacks!

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My favorite coffee doubled in price at my favorite discount store. OUCH.

I grew up poor. I know the drill. I can tell you the serial numbers of everything bigger than a five in my wallet. My low overhead lifestyle is probably the only reason I can still afford to live in NYC.  But with the cost of everything going up, practically by the week, desperate measures are required.

Money-saving Strategies

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I’m the lady inspecting the ‘clearance items” in the dollar store. I recycle cans.  Sure, it’s good for the environment — but every five cans means a “free” six minutes on the dryers in the laundromat. Stale bread becomes breadcrumbs.  I pull plugs out of the wall until I’m ready to use an appliance. I bought six cotton handkerchiefs and stopped buying Kleenex.

There are some things I won’t skimp on, though.  I won’t skimp on a gym membership because running in the rain and snow is miserable, and I”ll never buy cheap running shoes again.

Of course, there are the economies that weren’t so…economic.  Like the time I tried to make pizza at home. Or when I tossed a wool sweater in the washing machine….and the dryer. Whoopsie!

Your turn  

What about you?  What are your money hacks? What will you not skimp on unless absolutely necessary? Let us know in the comments!

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