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Editor’s Note: Think you’ve seen all the investing world has to offer? Andy Snyder, our good friend and founder of Manward Press, bets not 1 in 50,000 investors knows this exists.

Some of the people who’ve heard about it are already banking mind-blowing returns: 27,049% in just 19 days… 184,720% in just 10 months… and 235,614% in just 60 days!

To help spread knowledge about this new type of investment, Andy has just released a special video breaking it down for readers.

Click here to check it out.

– Kyle Wehrle, Assistant Managing Editor

“Get in on something big early on… and ride it to the top.”

Those words were uttered to me when I was in my mid-20s. I can tell you exactly where they were said – on a dock, with a stream-chilled beer in hand, overlooking some of Alaska’s finest coastal vistas.

They’re wise words, I think you’ll agree. But they become a whole lot wiser when you learn not where they were said… but who said them.

They came to me from a fella with quite a history of getting in early.

He got in on Discovery (Nasdas: DISCA), Tripadvisor (Nasdaq: TRIP), Lions Gate Entertainment (NYSE: LGF) and Sirius XM (Nasdaq: SIRI)… and he bought a whole bunch of land at almost exactly the right time. Our old fishing pal John Malone just happens to be the nation’s largest landowner.

And, like me, in late 2020, he worried about the effects of all that stimulus.

“We’ve survived this [pandemic] because of enormous fiscal and monetary stimulus,” he said. “And I’ve got to believe this will lead to devaluation of currencies, that hard assets… will increase in value in currency terms.”

Like me, he, too, bought farmland. He, too, bought rental properties. And he, too, sees what printing and spending $5 trillion or so can do to an economy.

But it’s not what he’s doing right now that has my attention – at least not all of it.

It’s those words he uttered to me so long ago.

Get in on something big. And get in early.

Something Huge

You may have heard that Manward Press did something very big on Monday.

It’s huge… the first of its kind.

We launched our interview with Buck Sexton, the renowned radio and TV host known for being on the cusp of big new things.

In my conversation with him, I revealed not just a brand-new market opportunity… but a brand-new market.

I say this new idea has the chance to be 10 times larger than the $2 trillion crypto market, even though it’s only very loosely related to it. It simply shares one key piece of technology.

What’s bigger, though, is that this new idea lets us invest in things that were once off-limits in the public space.

Now we don’t have to buy shares of just companies like Google. Instead, we can invest in the technology behind them. No need to worry about the management team, all the tricks used to scheme the books or all the red tape that comes with being a big, oafish company.

Now we can put our money directly into the bones of these companies.

It’s incredible.

I told Buck all about it here.

It’s early… it’s big… and it’s new.

But there’s something even bigger. It’s what has me most excited.

The Millionaire’s Club

You see, on Monday, we opened the doors to Manward’s most ambitious project yet.

For a group that’s landed some of the biggest names in the business, taken on the Food and Drug Administration, and built a movement involving some 200,000 people in just a few years… that’s saying something.

We just pulled the curtain back on Manward Executive.

It’s a brand-new – and extremely exclusive – level of membership.

Executive members will get unique research, a concierge line, proprietary research tools, invites to exclusive gatherings, and – here’s the very best part – immediate and permanent access to everything we do… now… and in the future.

This is truly an opportunity to get in on something very big… very early.

We revealed it all to Buck Sexton, our honorary first Manward Executive member.

You can see what has us so excited here.

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