Random Pictures from the USA

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Wow, it’s been a month since I’ve been here. Life goes on, the days go by, nothing outstanding happens, and I do other things. But I did go back to the USA recently to see my family, so that was definitely outstanding. The grandkids are getting bigger and more interesting all the time, and we had so much fun together.

I will skip all my usual observations about the USA. It feels like any changes have been for the worse, and I’d rather stay out of all of it and focus on my family. It took me a while to be comfortable going out with a naked face (no masks). I learned the value of thermal underwear! I no longer take red eye flights and I appreciate the layover along the way, but the travel is still tiring. But, it’s so worth it and my family takes good care of me when I’m there.

I have a lot of random pictures, starting in California.

My grandson turned nine, and there was celebrating with friends, neighbors, and the other grandparents (and tons of Lego toys) School was in session so we walked the kids to and from school every day. And, there was a field trip! My kindergarten age granddaughter was beyond excited. They went in a BUS, to the BEACH, and looked for critters and life forms in the rocks. They were well prepared about what they might find, and how to keep everything safe and undisturbed (apparently holding a crab in your hand is OK and long as you gently put it back where you found it). Then there was a picnic lunch and playtime in the sand.

I met the new cats, both sweet and gentle cats. We went to the farmer’s market where things looked wonderful, but expensive. We went to my grandson’s baseball game (they won, yay). Those little kids are surprisingly good, at least to me who knows nothing about baseball. I had a tarot card reading. Did I give him too many hints, or did the cards actually give him information to share? He thinks there are a lot of good things coming in my future. I already know that!

One evening there were awesome clouds. My granddaughter has become enamored by Irish dance, so we watched one of her classes. I think she’s good with nice grace and style. I found these odd rolls at the supermarket and had to try them. They taste like ordinary rolls, soft, slightly sweet, and they had a bit of firm jelly in the middle. The color sure is pretty though. And, then, one crazy evening, thunder, rain and hail!! That is very unusual. It rarely even thunders there. Some other areas of town got enough hail to turn everything white. I don’t think the kids had ever seen hail before. I showed my granddaughter a piece of ice that fell from the sky, and she popped it into her mouth!

So, that’s the highlights of my first stop. I’ll leave the next batch of pictures for the next post.

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