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On August 19, 1839, France presented the invention of photographic process as a gift “free to the world” including detailed published working instructions – and inspired naming August 19 World Photography Day.

Since then, photography has become an industry, an increasingly popular hobby…and a good way to meet people. (The first photography club – the Royal Photographic Society, started in 1850.)

Picture this!

Camera and photography clubs are worldwide and for good reason. They offer:

  • Learning opportunities. Guest speakers, workshops, photo critique sessions and enhanced learning of technical matters are regular club features.
  • Answered questions. The comment made by almost everyone who joins a camera club is that fellow members, some of them expert, are generous with advice and help. With this assist, anyone can start taking better pictures.
  • A chance to compete. Most clubs feature contests, Besides the thrill of competition, most entrants value the judges’ judicious, thoughtful photo critiques.

How to Get Started

Since clubs vary in their goals, aims and even atmospheres, it’s important to match what you’re looking for with the right group. Newbies might avoid clubs that emphasize entering and winning photo contests. You might try taking a look at the photography group in Senior Planet Community, for instance.

Finding a Club

It’s easy to locate a club near you or online.

  • The easiest might be a click away. The Senior Planet Community ofiers a “Fun With Photography” group, which offers members to share, critique and enjoy each others’ work.   For more information and to join, visit the Senior Planet Community page here.
  • Ask your local photography store. Some stores have bulletin boards where clubs list meeting dates. Choose one or more to attend.
  • Query for Facebook for nearby Photography or Camera Clubs
  • Check out

Don’t have a fancy camera? No worries! Google  “best photos taken with a cell phone” and be inspired. As Tom Morack, a longtime hobbyist, notes it’s not the camera that makes the photograph, it’s the photographer.

Join Senior Planet Community’s Fun with Photography group and show your work! Learn more hereThe Senior Planet Community is an exclusive platform for people 60+.  No matter your interest, there’s a community group for you to join.  Join the conversation todayIf you have any questions or need assistance with anything Senior Planet Community-related, please call the SPC Hotline at 888-479-2606 or email

Nona Aguilar is an award-winning writer of numerous magazine articles and two books. She has also edited four specialty business newsletter publications. Her work has appeared in Ladies Home Journal, Redbook, Family Circle and Cosmopolitan, and in The Business Owner.

Photo: Logan Weaver for Unsplash

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