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This August – we’re loud and proud for senior citizens! 

What is National Senior Citizens Day? 

National Senior Citizens Day, August 21, recognizes the achievements of the more mature people of our  nation. 

At Senior Planet from AARP, we’re using this day to salute the power our community holds and the forward steps we take every day to transform what it means to age in America! 

 Why are our community members proud to be Senior Citizens? 

For many in the Senior Planet circle – age is more than just a number… it is a badge of honor.  

For advocate Bertam Pickell being a Senior means embracing the personal obligation to lead by example: “As seniors, we have an awesome opportunity to advocate in so many ways. Aging with Attitude can mean applying all the skills you’ve acquired (and continue to acquire) to offer impact to your community.” 

If you can do something, do it. Your voice matters.   

And for Cabaret Producer, Carmen Matias, it’s meant finding her voice: “My greatest relief now that I don’t have a 9-to-5…what you think about me is your business, not mine, so I stand by my principles. Now, I speak up… If you can do something, do it. Your voice matters.   

For surfer and Senior Planet Sponsored Athlete Sally Saenger, being a senior means defying the status quo: “As a 66 year old avid female surfer, I know I am challenging the stereotype of aging and that’s fine with me.” 

How can I celebrate Senior Citizens Day with Senior Planet? 

We invite all members of our community to celebrate National Senior Citizens Day with pride. This might mean volunteering in your community, sharing your appreciation for a senior loved one in your life or supporting a cause that bolsters older adults.  

You can join Senior Planet in honoring your peers in two ways: 

  1. Join us for a fun in-person celebration at our Senior Planet Exploration Center in NYC on Thursday, August 25. There will be a raffle, music, dancing in a “Silent Disco,” food, friends and more! Click here to RSVP! 
  1. If you are able, give a gift to support the free education of thousands of older adults. Any amount helps! 

Pam Hugi is Senior Planet’s Community and Advocacy Manager. Based in Brooklyn, she runs Senior Planet’s Supporter program in addition to being a contributing writer for this site. She can be reached at

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