Lucynt interactive system brings magic to memory care

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At Walker Methodist Plaza in Anoka, a new interactive system is bringing joy to memory care residents. Thanks to a private donation and a community-wide fundraiser, the life enrichment team purchased the Lucynt Interactive System in May 2022.

The system is simple: a machine mounted to the ceiling projects onto a table, allowing residents to interact with games and activities. The Lucynt company describes it as “innovative care that brings fun, physical activity, and mental stimulation to the cognitively challenged.” This system isn’t just fun to be fun—though residents have a blast using it. It is also supported by research and beneficial to those with memory loss.

Lucynt’s technology tracks body movements and gestures, “creating a world of play that’s therapeutic and fun.” Games are one of Lucynt’s most powerful features, split into playlists based on stages of dementia. Games for early stage stimulate thought and reasoning while encouraging social action. Middle stage games focus on cognitive play, physical activity, and social interaction. Games for late stage are engaging and soothing, offering a multisensory experience. No matter the level, games use “exergaming,” a combination of exercise and gaming. According to Lucynt, immersing seniors in this virtual environment promotes overall wellbeing so “they can fully experience the joy and wonder of being alive.”

One of our goals for Kaleidoscope memory care neighborhoods is increased engagement and a robust activity program. This creative device naturally attracts the attention of everyone in the community: residents, team members, and visiting family members. The movement of various games, pictures, and puzzles is something most people are drawn toward. This tool is simple, making it easy for residents and others to engage without constant supervision. All the Lucynt table’s interactive options are full of color and gentle movement. Residents can simply move their hands and arms to enjoy the games. So far, we have observed increased energy, smiles, spontaneous games, family interactions, friendships, and vibrant chatter. This wonderful, technological addition to Plaza enhances our mission of being the best place to live and work.

Walker Methodist elevates the importance of memory care for seniors because we believe a supportive community—a Kaleidoscope—can make the journey through memory loss and transformation a beautiful experience for our residents. We would like to create an environment where those who struggle with memory loss can find beauty, purpose, and joy. We want them to flourish in our care.

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