Brighten a Kid’s Christmas in Colon

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I have an idea for a wonderful Christmas present, something truly in the spirit of Christmas giving.

I’ve been watching VGIRL TV on YouTube for a while. She’s a young mother who lives in Panama City. She talks about what’s going on in the city and in the country. Sometimes we follow her around as she lives her daily life. Sometimes she interviews people about interesting social and cultural topics, or she tells us about people who have impacted her. I’m an old white lady so learning about the concerns of a young black woman trying to make her way in the world has been very interesting. It doesn’t hurt that she has a cool son and the cutest baby girl ever.

Lately I’ve been watching some of her videos about Colon, her family home. Colon is not the most respected part of Panama. But, when you see it through the eyes of the people who live there, you can see it differently. Many of the people are black, English speaking people who came from the Caribbean islands to help build the canal. The area looks very depressed with beautiful, elegant buildings that have fallen into disrepair. The people are poor and don’t have the means to do more than just survive. They feel very abandoned by the government who does next to nothing to help and support them.

I have learned a lot about Colon from Shana (VGIRL), and I’ll be writing a more in-depth article very soon. But right now, this is about the kids and the upcoming holidays. Christmas is a really big deal in Panama, and can you imagine how sad you would be if you couldn’t afford to buy your kids anything for Christmas? Shana is organizing a toy drive to help as many kids as possible.

If you donate through the GoFundMe page, your money will be used to buy useful and delightful gifts for the kids. If we all work together, we can make this happen! $5, $10, it doesn’t have to be a lot. Even a few dollars can buy a book, some crayons, a doll, or a ball.

Thank you so much! The people in Colon are strong, loving people struggling to survive with very little support. Your gift will not only put a smile on the face of a child, but it will also tell the people that some stranger out there in the world cares about them which, IMO, is equally important. Sometimes a little ripple spreads out and becomes a big thing, so let’s spread good things.

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