Hope in Colon, Panama

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It’s time to watch some videos! Get a coffee and a comfortable spot and let’s learn a bit about Colon.

I talked a bit about VGIRL TV’s YouTube channel in my last post. Because of her, I’ve learn a lot about her family home, Colon, Panama. Colon is at the north end of the Panama Canal. The Free Trade Zone is there, one of the biggest Free Trade Zones in the world ( It’s also a cruise ship port. One would think it’s a happening place of great importance to the country, but apparently it is quite the opposite and gets minimal support from the government.

I’ve been through there a couple times and remember a lot of elegant buildings that are falling into ruin, a lot of trash in the streets, and a lot of black people out and about. But our perception is not the whole picture so let’s see what is said by the people who live there and love it. This video is from a couple years ago.

Then, watch just a little of this video. She is supporting someone who is getting involved in politics to help improve the lives of people in Colon. He also has a foundation to help kids with extra instruction, activities, and support. At 4:20 she talks a bit about the man, at 5:38 what he does in the community, and at 6:00 the toy drive he is organizing.

Then, I found this video where she interviews Delano. He talks about the culture, history, problems, poverty, and challenges facing the people in Colon.

Then, I happened across this other video of a guy walking around Colon. It’s interesting that he also says the government must help these people. They are just trying to survive and don’t have the resources to clean up and restore this city. According to Delano (video above) their minimum wage is the same as it was literally decades ago and if things were tough then, we can imagine how much worse it is now at today’s prices.

Here’s a taste of what it’s like in Colon. Us gringos and expats usually don’t spend time there, and maybe we only see it if we are passing through.

If you want to do something nice for the kids there, don’t forget the Christmas Toy Drive in progress.

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