Spooky Short Films on YouTube

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You don’t have to visit a haunted house or amusement park to get some spooky thrills and chills – just fire up your laptop or desktop, turn off all the lights, and check out some of the spookiest short films on YouTube.  These short films span sci-fi, suspense, and horror.

The Black Hole: an ordinary office machine cranks out a mystery in the paper tray.

The Whistler: It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.

It’s made of meat:  A classic sci-fi short story set in a diner when two tourists have a chat.

Peekers:  This one sneaks up on you while illustrating some common issues for the elderly.

Sleepy Eyes: Proving once again that one should always sleep with a Louisville Slugger by the bed and let the police do the investigating.

Photo credit: Leximpro for Unsplash.

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