5 Myths About 55 and Older Apartments

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When you think of 55 and older apartments, you might think of senior living and nursing homes. But in reality, there are many lively living options for people looking to transition out of full-time home ownership but maintain their active lifestyles.

Let’s bust some common assumptions people have about 55+ apartments (and explore some lesser-known benefits of these communities). 

1. 55+ apartments are the same thing as a nursing home.

Though 55+ apartments are designated for those over 50, they differ greatly from nursing homes or traditional assisted living facilities. Like ordinary apartments, these communities are designed to house tenants who enjoy active and vibrant lifestyles and are not looking for healthcare assistance Residents benefit from all the same perks as living at home without the hassle of homeownership, and leases are often flexible to accommodate what they need now and in the future.

2. It’s cheaper just to live at home. 

Senior apartments are surprisingly affordable compared to owning and maintaining a house. As any homeowner knows, houses come with expected and unexpected costs, including insurance, utilities, mortgage payments, upkeep, repairs, and more. On the other hand, senior apartments include a long list of amenities for a predictable monthly cost, including maintenance and upkeep. 

3. I’ll lose my independence in a 55 and older community. 

55 and older communities are explicitly designed for independent living, meaning residents are treated no differently than someone renting an apartment in their thirties. In many cases, residents actually experience more independence as they have more time to pursue active and social lifestyles without the burdens of homeownership. They also provide peace of mind in knowing you can downsize on your terms rather than making rushed decisions in case of an unexpected health or family emergency down the road. 

Similarly, when living in a 55+ apartment, you can expect the same level of privacy and freedom you’d expect in your current home. And most will even accommodate and welcome four-legged friends.

4. I won’t be able to see my friends and family as often. 

Guests are not only welcome at 55+ communities but are highly encouraged! Spacious complexes designed for socializing allow for regular visits, get-togethers, and even parties. Similarly, many over 50 apartments offer a wide range of amenities that entertain people of all ages. Invite family and friends for a gathering or meal in the lounge, share a drink with your visitors or play a game of pool in our Sky Lounge. The opportunities to entertain here are endless.

5. There’s nothing to do in a 55 and older community.

If you still enjoy the thrill of an active lifestyle and new experiences, a 55 and older community is the place for you. Living in a managed apartment offers everything you need to pursue your passions, find new interests, and stay active — all right outside your doorstep. Similarly, you’ll be surrounded by neighbors who share many of the same interests, so finding new friends to socialize with is easy. 

Here are just a few activities you can take advantage of at Lake Place:

  • First-floor lounge, deck, and pergola
  • Sky lounge and media center
  • Self-serve coffee bar
  • Outdoor kitchen, grilling patio, and seating area
  • Fitness Center
  • Fireplace room and library
  • Fenced pickleball courts
  • Firepit
  • Controlled building entrance
  • Gardening (raised beds and planting stations)
  • Arts room and workshop

55 and older apartments in Minnesota


Lake Place is an apartment community in Chanhassen, Minnesota, welcoming those who are 55 and older and seeking an exciting new chapter in life. Our luxurious new community features abundant amenities and shared spaces, stunning one and two-bedroom apartments, state-of-the-art appliances, and modern finishes.

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