Attention Armchair Travelers! Discover the World with us!

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Attention Armchair Travelers! Discover the world with Senior Planet!

Glide from the comfort of your armchair through lush, verdant tropical rainforests or to the historic sites of Europe and beyond.

Discover with Senior Planet

Senior Planet has once again joined forces with Discover Live, a pioneer in live, on-location, virtual travel experiences to offer you a first-class experience to travel the world – and engage with others.

“Everything was wonderful. Totally enjoyed the walking tour of Banff.”

Finn, our tour guide for Banff, was very engaging and knowledgeable” 

Last fall, Senior Planet kicked off this program series  and hosted some 180 ‘armchair adventurers.’ We virtually meandered down the winding streets of Lima, Peru and saw the lights of Diwali in India – to name just a few.

“The tour was educational and informative; I liked the ability to ask questions”

This year we’re even more excited to share our carefully curated destinations to cover as much of the globe as possible, all hours of the day and evening.

Discover the Details

Each travel adventure is about an hour long and features an in-market, local tour guide who can answer your questions (live and real-time) along the way.

The tour guides are as informative as they are engaging, and use Zoom and the power of technology to transport you thousands of miles away.

“I appreciate the opportunity to explores places that I may never have a chance to see in person. Or to be inspired to visit! Thank you.”

These virtual, immersive experiences are followed by an informal discussion amongst your fellow adventure seekers, so you can share your own travel experiences and impressions of what you’ve seen.

“The Program was absolutely delightful, and a wonderful opportunity to travel virtually, if you can’t travel in reality.”

This Year, Discover…

We have two more Virtual trips scheduled to the Great Wall, China and the Costa Rican Rainforest.

For New York City residents, there are two trips on offer on-site at Senior Planet Chelsea; you can sit in the comfort of our Center and share the experience as part of a group of fellow armchair travelers.

Discover Schedules and Details

Live – Virtual Tours:

  • Discover Live (VIRTUAL): Great Wall, China – 2/24/23 (6:00-6:45pm EST) A live experience not to be missed, as we walk one of the most iconic and ancient landmarks in the world and learn about the different dynasties that constructed and maintained the wall throughout history, and the various architectural styles used. You’ll get a sense of the scale and grandeur of the Great Wall as we take you on this journey.
  • ,Discover Live (VIRTUAL) Costa Rica Rainforest – 3/31/23 (1:30-2:30pm EST) “hike” among the sloths, rare birds and monkeys as you sojourn over lightly trodden jungle forest and experience the unique and enchanted lushness of the Rainforest! Register Link coming soon!

In-Person Viewing at Senior Planet Chelsea:

  • Lahaina Hawaii (details coming soon!) 3/3/23

Discover a Sneak Preview

Want a sneak preview of the kind of places and guides you’ll see?  Check out this travelogue with experts, from London, Paris, Rome, Florence, Milan, Lima, Sydney and more.

We hope you’ll join us for one of our tours, exclusively for Senior Planet – no passport required!

Photo by T.H. Chia for Unsplash

Colette Buscemi is the Director of Innovation and Program Design at Senior Planet.  Contact her at

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