Open Thread: Romantic Lessons

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Valentine’s Day is like final exams for many relationships, and it’s often Pass/Fail.  In the course of my romantic life, I’ve experienced some failing grades:

…The guy who ignored Valentine’s Day because it was “a made-up holiday.” All it meant was that he was lazy and selfish. Dude, they’re all made up holidays! This guy never led by example; he never told me he didn’t want anything for birthdays and Christmas.  He had the nerve to get all pouty when I said they were all made up holidays and so I didn’t get him anything.

…the guy who thought a relationship is a perpetual motion machine. He thought once it started it would keep going all by itself. Um, no. It takes effort…by both parties.

And I’m not blameless here, either.  I learned, the hard way, never to cook a romantic dinner naked. Trust me on this one.

But that’s me – how about you?  What are your lessons and wisdom about romance?  Who got a ‘Fail’? Who got a pass? Let us know in the comments!

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