Open Thread: Title Your Autobiography

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The focus on “Spare” – the autobiography of the man formerly called Prince – got me thinking.  His main credential is being the embodiment of the Lucky Sperm Club.  If he was the son of the operator of a bowling alley, few people would care…but at least he could use the same title.

I’ve always tried to live my life focused on considering the downside risk. However, every so often I tell myself “Nine times out of ten I do the safe thing. What about the tenth time?”

The tenth time is when I roll the dice.  The results are the more interesting, hair raising, or satisfying stories: the close shaves, narrow escapes, windfalls, heartbreaks, catastrophes, winning streaks.  That’s why I’d call my autobiography “The Tenth Time.”

Like the time in my college dorm when I uncharacteristically decided not to leave the joint on my desk and stuck it in a drawer. I just got a hinky feeling.

I returned from my errand, looked down the hall (my room was the last one, right next to the stairwell), and saw cops walking in and out of my room.

WOW. Turns out that someone deployed the fire extinguishers in the hallway and the cops – I was told, at least – were checking all the rooms near the hallway for the missing fire extinguisher. Talk about a close shave/narrow escape/lucky break!

But that’s me. What about you? What close shave would inspire your autobiography title? Let us know in the comments!

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