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As we have in the past, this year Senior Planet scoped out the coolest and most cutting-edge technologies on view at the annual tech event called the Consumer Electronics Show, produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the trade association for the multi-billion dollar U.S. consumer technology industry.

This year we were, for the first time, able to have Senior Planet participants join us on the trade show floor virtually!  We live-streamed to some 200 Senior Planet participants and the action at AARP’s Age Tech Collaborative booth –  where dozens of start-ups were providing  solutions in the age-tech space. Missed out? Don’t worry, we have you covered – check out the recorded live-stream videos here!

Why CES?

Why does the Senior Planet team, along with thousands of other people, descend upon a two-mile patch of convention center carpet? CES is the premiere annual, global tech conference  – a “who’s who” in tech from multinational brands to early stage start-ups. These technophiles attend to launch new tech products, meet partners and get an inside track on the next big innovation.

It’s also where thought leaders take center stage to offer insights – including Tom Kamber, Executive Director of OATS (at far left with Andy Miller, SVP, Innovation & Product Development at AARP). His topics were Tech: The Third Parent (at CES) and Inclusive AgeTech: How to Design for Transformational Outcomes.

CES had emerging and cutting-edge technologies in more than 40 different categories.  Here are just some of the products that grabbed our attention with the potential to benefit older people.

Technological standouts

Senior Planet explored some cool and useful companies among the many start-ups showcased at AARP’s Age Tech Collaborative booth.  (This is for informational purposes only and does not constitute endorsement or recommendation).


  • Labrador Systems is an early-stage robotics company developing a new generation of assistive robots to help individuals live more independently. Labrador robots are an extra pair of hands, to help move large loads, or keep smaller items within reach. The robot uses advanced 3D vision to guide itself around the home and has a dual layer of obstacle sensors on all four sides to operate in spaces as narrow as 28” across. The system can carry up to 25 pounds, and can be used to deliver laundry, meals and other payloads around the house. Pricing: $700.00
  • Gameboard helps break social isolation and increase social connections through games. It’s a complete digital social gaming system that can be played with anyone, anywhere, with any game piece. Your minis (and other game pieces) interact with battle maps and board games in a whole new way with the technology mimicking how you use your hands in real-life on the surface of the screen. The gameboard is 22″ playable screen in a 17″ x 17″ sleek form factor and Sense Screen display at 1920×1920 Resolution. Pricing: $700.00 for board plus monthly subscription approx. $15.00 per month.

Virtual Reality meets Health:

  • Flowly is platform that empowers people with chronic illness to take control of their nervous system and connect people with health-focused resources & experiences. The product includes a VR headset and heart rate test and direct access to a representative to guide you.  Users can check their body’s performance via a data portal and use an app to reach a community and health coach. Sign up includes VR Headset $45.00 per month membership includes VR headset.

Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare

  • Tellus – An advanced sensor with AI to predict and analyze the health of person in a room without the use of wearables or video cameras. The Tellus device is mounted to the wall and uses radar to safely and unobtrusively learn important health information. It plugs into an electrical outlet and uses a cellular or WIFI connection to link to an app monitored by users’ loved ones or caregivers. With a range of about 5 meters, it can detect users going to or getting out of bed, walking around and falling, as well as vital signs. It provides actionable health information and real time alerts, improving quality of care and operational efficiency. Pricing not available. Website:

These are just a few of the amazing innovations we checked out this year at CES. We’re already looking forward to and planning for CES 2024 – keep your eyes out for more dates in the coming months ahead!

Photo (Top, from left to right): Tom Kamber, with JoAnn Jenkins CEO of AARP, Scott Frisch EVP and COO of AARP.

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