Wendy Friedman: Mixed Media and Morning Stretch Maven

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Wendy Friedman is a mixed-media artist from New York City with a passion for found objects and new perspectives. On top of her busy artistic practice, Wendy always makes time to attend Senior Planet’s Morning Stretch – which she credits for getting her moving again after lockdown and for introducing her to a world she never would have explored otherwise. 

What inspires your artistic style? 

The way I do artwork, principally, I don’t like to know what’s going to happen when I start.  

I’ve always been interested in found objects and the things around us. I remember my daughter asking me when she was little, “When we’re taking a walk and you see something on the street you say, ‘That’s interesting, let’s bring that home and make a sculpture out of it.’ But other adults say, ‘Don’t touch that it’s dirty.’ Which is right?” And I said, “Both things are right, they are just different ways of looking at things.” 

Right now, I’ve started collecting stickers from the street. I feel like I’m really collecting a part of history. These images will wear away from the rain and sun. They’re temporary – but they really mark our time. 

Click here to view more of Wendy’s found object art! 

I wish I could tell younger people – this is a really great time in my life. 

You recently filmed a video with Senior Planet about Morning Stretch! Why do you love that program so much? 

Yes – Senior planet has connected me with a larger world that I never would have investigated. I guess I was too busy working. With Morning Stretch, you start with this little thing, and it gets you moving again. I feel like it’s a gift. 

What does aging with attitude mean to you? 

For me, it means working towards better and better self-acceptance. Not being so judgmental about how my body shouldn’t or shouldn’t be, or how my mind should work.  

The best way to say that is that when I was younger, I was taking a ceramics class at Parsons along with some people who I viewed then as older adults. There was one woman who wore purple every single day in every single outfit. She was just at an age where she didn’t care what people thought!  

That’s what I think is aging with attitude. It’s being your best, most true you. And allowing yourself, even at this age, to figure out who that is without limitation or self judgement. 


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