Creative Tech: Find your Tribe!

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Call it a niche within a niche. How do you find other seniors who have the same passion to create that you have? And how do you narrow that down to the kind of creative projects that you’re most passionate about?

That search may seem destined to fail — but not if you’re casting your net online. Whether you’re writing poems, painting birdhouses, creating music, or knitting sweaters, there’s a group of seniors somewhere that would like to connect with you.

Virtual Communities for Creatives

Senior Planet Community

One place to start might just be at Senior Planet.

Senior Planet Community (SPC), which just marked its first anniversary, is a no cost, ad free, moderated online collection of interest groups with more than 5,000 members. According to Jonathan Ushindi Zaluke, who oversees the site,‘no matter your interest, there’s a community group for you – groups dedicated to Travel, Photography, Fitness, Creativity, Gardening, or Pets; discussion groups like the Book Club, Decluttering Tips, and Everything Technology – and so much more.”

This rapidly growing community has 34 groups, including several that are targeted specifically to creative seniors.

The Fun with Photography group has been especially active with shared photos of a West Palm Beach train station, a Wisconsin hometown street, a Tennessee woodpecker, a Michigan church, and a New Orleans cemetery angel. A Space for Creatives has explored rock painting, book writing, diamond painting, leathercraft, and essay writing. And the Knitting, Crochet & Needlework group has discussed wall hangings, knitted scarfs, embroidery, pineapple doilies, and loomed hats.

The platform offers older people many outlets for creative expression. “Having a place to share their artistic works, receive support, and get inspired and motivated by other like-minded creatives can be of utmost benefit,” says Jonathan. “That’s why the Senior Planet Community platform offers multiple creative groups.”

Creatives who use technology in their efforts – or would like to – can find the brand new Ask A Tech Expert group. “it offers a quick way to reach out directly to Senior Planet Technology Trainers and Verizon Volunteers with any tech questions you might have,” says Jonathan.

Want to know more or join? Register here.

Other online outlets to try: offers a discussion group for Hobbies & Crafts and Photography.

Buzz 50 has Senior Forums for Crafts and Arts, Poetry and Story Writing, and Photography.

Facebook offers many options for creatives, such as Amateur Elder Artists (65 and Older) and Older Artists Group.

#creativeseniors – if you’re on Instagram, consider using the #creativeseniors hashtag. If you search using that hashtag, you’ll find other creative seniors who may inspire you with their work. You may even forge some new friendships. And when posting your own creative work on Instagram, you might use that same hashtag to connect with seniors who are pursuing a similar creative path.

Stay creative – and safe

Always remember to stay safe online and protect your personal information when joining online communities.

Your Turn

Where do you go to satisfy that creative itch, share ideas or show your work? Let us know in the comments!

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