Financial Basics: A Guide to the Habits and Strategies of Spending, Saving, and Investing for a Secure Future

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There is a lot to consider when it comes to managing your financial life. However, mastering the financial basics doesn’t need to be overwhelming or complicated. There are simple straightforward steps anyone can take at age 20, 25, 45, or even 55 to get and stay on track to reduced financial stress and a secure future.

financial basics

Here are 20 articles to help you get your hands around the financial basics of spending, saving, and investing.

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Why budget? Budgeting can improve your short-term and long-term finances as well as your emotional well being.

Budgeting doesn’t have to be awful. We’ll help you find a way to budget that helps you with your financial goals and suits your personality.

Find the right way for how YOU can get out of debt. You have options! Find a way that will work for you.

They were wrong. The answer to the question does money buy happiness is… yes! In fact, the research is overwhelming. And, there are actually multiple ways to spend to increase happiness.

Buying a home could be among the smartest and most impactful things you do in life. Find out why and how to do it responsibly.

Debt isn’t necessarily terrible. Good debt helps you get ahead. Bad debt puts you in a hole. Understand the differences for better financial outcomes.

Saving and Investing

The first thing you need to do to gain financial control, is build emergency savings. Find out why and how much you need to have.

If you want to get ahead, you need to invest. Explore 6 reasons why investing is a critical factor for achieving financial goals.

Building wealth can seem like it will take a miracle. Compound interest (especially if you start early) might just be the magic you seek.

Investing doesn’t need to be complicated. Here are 14 simple strategies to help you build long term wealth.

You know you need to save, but let’s figure out how much to save for retirement. ( Yes, retirement savings are the key to building long term wealth no matter your current age.) Here 6 easy ways to figure out the right number for you.

Don’t think you could possibly save more money? These tips will help you shift your mindset for a secure and happy future.

Learn about 8 options for investing in real estate for retirement. Explore the pros and cons and discover which one is right for you.

Set financial goals today to reduce stress. Learn why setting process-oriented as well as short-, medium- and long-term financial goals are critical to your success.

Micro financial habits are quick, easy, and meaningful ways to do better with your money. Explore options to use in your everyday life.

Discover how to track net worth (current and future). This easy habit will help you be wealthier, more secure and less stressed.

You don’t need to feel overwhelmed by financial stress. Here are 4 straightforward steps to help you gain financial control.

There are thousands of well worn financial tips, but worthwhile financial wisdom can be harder to find. What do you think of these twists on conventional advice?

Do you have all the ingredients and the right recipe for financial success? It needn’t be complicated. In fact, it can be as easy as pie.

Here are 28 unique tips for how to take control of your finances — with varied advice for all kinds of people.

Don’t worry, be happy… Here are 11 real steps you can take that will enable you to experience less financial stress.

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