FDA Expected to Greenlight a New Covid Booster

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September 07, 2023

FDA Expected to Greenlight a New Covid Booster

With the fast approaching fall and winter months — meaning more time spent indoors — the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are prepared to soon approve an updated Covid booster shot. The FDA could greenlight this updated version as early as Friday.

97% of adults already have some protective immunity against Covid, but immunity from vaccines and past infections naturally lessens over time. Since cases are expected to spike during the winter months, health experts say it is important to strengthen this immunity. Seniors have been affected in especially high numbers by Covid, with 76% of American deaths occurring in patients 65 or older.

Once the FDA has signed off, the CDC and its advisory committee will vote on recommendations on how the vaccines should be used and who should receive them. The official signoff of CDC director Dr. Mandy Cohen is expected to follow a Tuesday CDC meeting, and the rollout will then begin.

“Covid has disproportionately affected seniors. We strongly urge everyone to follow the CDC’s guidance regarding booster shots,” said President Roach.

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