It’s Raining

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Ordinarily this wouldn’t be remarkable here in the land of epic downpours, but it’s summer now. We returned from the USA on Dec 2nd and it’s been clear, sunny skies since we have been back. We can expect dry weather from mid-December until mid-April but it seems like summer came a little early this year.

Myself, I prefer the rainy season but I don’t have to work outside in the mud, or do much of anything outside when it’s raining. Our only hassle is driving to Boquete and unloading band equipment in the rain. But usually, I can just sit on the terrace and enjoy the rain and the cooling breezes. It is possible to get some rain during the dry, summer season but this downpour is unusual. It’s been pouring like crazy for about 45 minutes now and it’s not showing any signs of stopping.

That’s the news of the moment. Other than that, I wrote a while back about the protests that were jamming up the country, and especially Chiriqui where we are. There were serious shortages of fuel for vehicles, gas for cooking, and many other things that couldn’t get through to us. Our produce and agricultural products couldn’t get east to Panama City. But, shortly before we left the USA the contract with the mine, the main complaint of the people, was declared unconstitutional and the unrest quickly subsided. Of course everything can’t be put to rest that easily. As far as I know the mine isn’t operating at the moment. I don’t know if they will work anything out in the future, or if it will be closed permanently. It will take years to restore the area if it is, and right now thousands of people who worked at the mine are out of work. There are far better sources of information than me, so go on ahead and research the subject if you want to know more.

Right now, except for the current downpour, things seem pretty normal around here. Streets are crowded and stores are busy because it’s Christmas season. We just passed Mother’s Day on Dec 8th, another major holiday here. I had fun confusing my mother in the USA with flowers and chocolate for the occasion. 😁 I’m not one for Christmas shopping and parties but I do enjoy the lights, and Panamanians put up some really beautiful light displays.

The band plays this Sunday and then we are on a break for a while. Our drummer is going back to the USA to spend the holidays with family. I’m looking forward to some downtime to work on new material, to get some things done around the house, to go out and hear other musicians, and to generally enjoy some relaxed time. Maybe I’ll even get out my camera and macro lens and look for bugs! 

It always seems to take a couple days for me to finish something I start. I have to reread it, come up with a reasonable ending, rewrite some parts… It’s Sunday now. the downpour ended eventually, and we got some light rain last night. Today is gray and overcast, not summer weather but that’s fine. It’s afternoon and still pleasantly cool (for me, mid 80’s😁) It’s one of those Murphy’s law days though. The big car didn’t want to start until he wiggled some fuse/relay electrical thing, and we don’t want to get stuck in Boquete tonight so we’re taking the little car. My wonderful bass amplifier is making ugly, distorted sounds so I’m taking my back up amp. And, my set of microphone transmitters isn’t working so I’m taking my back up set. If it isn’t one thing it’s three🙄. When you go see a band you don’t think of all the many pieces of equipment that have to work well together (or all the many pieces of back up equipment we carry just in case). But, practice went well and we’re ready to go out and do our thing!

So, here is my less than graceful ending to this post, and I’ll just send it out there. I hope all is well with you all out there, and you are having a good weekend!

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