Marc’s Market Briefing: AI, Market Sentiment and More

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Good afternoon!

I have a treat for you today: a sneak peek at Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld’s Private Executive Call from a couple of weeks ago.

These calls are for Oxford Income Letter subscribers only, so I obviously can’t share the full thing with you. But since we got so much positive feedback from Members, I wanted to give you a small glimpse of the kinds of topics Marc covers.

In this call alone, he shared his thoughts on artificial intelligence, market sentiment, “Dividend Aristocrats,” where to keep your short-term cash and more.

Plus, this call was a special occasion, as it was the first one Marc has done LIVE in our new chat room, The Oxford Clubroom!

After the call, member KenN4 posted in the chat, “Thanks, Marc. These Clubroom/town hall sessions are great to get some live information.”

BrookeB said, “This was a fabulous format. Thank you for your time and expertise, Marc. I always learn more.”

And VSinSC wrote, “Thank you, always good information. It’s nice to have these chat sessions and hear firsthand. It seems to calm the waters some.”

Simply click the image above to watch the highlights from Marc’s Private Executive Call, and click here if you’re interested in joining The Oxford Income Letter.

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