Save “Piles of Cash” With Marc’s Top Tax Strategies

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State of the Market video on YouTube

Everyone seems to have a favorite season of the year.

Some of you might like winter because of the snow and the holidays. Others might like summer due to the warm weather and the ability to go on vacations with your kids or grandkids. Personally, I prefer spring, because it’s just warm enough to do the outdoor activities I enjoy without getting pummeled by oppressive humidity.

I don’t know which category you fall into, but I do know no one likes tax season (except people who are already employing some of Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld’s best tax strategies).

With just over a week remaining before Tax Day, now is a great time to revisit Marc’s State of the Market episode on tax-efficient investing.

This episode was originally filmed last July, but regardless of whether you’ve already filed your tax returns or are procrastinating like me, it will, in Marc’s words, “save you piles of cash.”

Click the image above to watch – and happy tax season!

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